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YouTube Vanced Apk

Are you tired of the ads blocking your movie, or is it hard to hear the music with the integration of ads? YouTube vanced APK is designed to meet your needs.

youtube vanced apk

YouTube Vanced Mod apk is the modified version of the traditional YouTube platform. Since, YouTube is one of the most used applications among users. People have been using this application for years. However, there are multiple features that people did not like on YouTube, such as the ads emerging during the video playback. This called for an application like the YouTube Vanced apk.

YouTubr Vanced Apk is created and modified by third-party application developers and aims to enhance the YouTube experience. The best part is that you can get this amazing YouTube experience for free.

Now that you are interested in the Vanced APK download, here you go with a few details of the application that will help you understand the application deeply.

YouTube Vanced APK Latest Version Details

Package NameCom.biomes.vanced
Operating SystemAndroid
CategoryVideo Application
Size84 MB
Date1 Day ago
File TypeAPK
RequirementsAndroid 4.4 And Above
Content RatingHigh Rating


YouTube Vanced APK v18.36.38 (MicroG) Download

Vanced Manager APK (v2.6.2) Download

Youtube ReVanced APK (v18.19.35) Download

About YouTube Vanced APK Mirror

You might consider the Youtube Vanced as an application that mimics YouTube, but this is not a mimic application. It is YouTube made by third parties but with some user-friendly modifications. From removing the ads to playing in the background, YouTube Vanced has the upper hand over the original YouTube application.

All the features combine to make the YouTube Vanced Apk latest version by MicroG official and all the old versions a big hit. Here you go with a detailed note on the features of the application.

The Ad Blocking Feature – How To Block YouTube Ads

The YouTube ads are a big spoiler while watching a movie, enjoying a spiritual lecture, or having a yoga lecture. The YouTube Vanced Download hit the market to remove annoying spoilers. Nevertheless, the application has an internally built feature that blocks all the ads from the video content so that we enjoy it fully.


Amazing isnt it!

Explore more features that makes the application unique and helps to stand tall in the competition.

The Amoled Dark Mode – How To Save Energy While Watching YouTube Videos

The original YouTube display has been the same for years. But with the vanced APK, we can also enjoy the Amoled Dark Mode. This display mode is specially designed to save energy. Besides this, it also puts less strain on the eyes while scrolling over their platform.

Watch The Content You Prefer

When we switch to third-party applications instead of YouTube, the biggest problem is that we do not find the content from our preferred creators. Vanced APK download will also tackle this problem. We can log in to our Google account in the application to access all the content we want and enjoy the subscriptions we have already made.

The Multiple Display Feature

Another feature that gives the vanced manager an upper hand over the original YouTube is the multiple display system. On YouTube, watching the video while running another application is impossible, but with Vance we can enjoy picture-on-picture mode. So, we easily use our other applications while watching our favorite videos.

YouTube Vanced Music APK also allows you to play the music in the background. Now we do not need to turn off the music while chatting with our best friend.

The Ultimate Control System

The YouTube Vanced Manager has the ultimate controls to improve the video-watching experience. We can swipe on one side to increase the brightness while the other side can be used to turn up or down the volume. The application also lets you put a video on the loop to enjoy your favorite music repeatedly.

The Extra Modifications

The best part about the YouTube Vanced APK is that it has two modes. If you do not like the new comment box, switch to tablet mode and enjoy the older version of YouTube. Another feature shows the number of likes and dislikes over a specific video.

Tips For YouTube Vanced APK Download – Latest Version

The Vanced YouTube is unavailable on the Play Store as Google restricts it. But we can download the application from the web browser by following a few very easy tasks. Here you go with the tips to download the YouTube Vance APK latest version 2024:

  • Go to the Web Browser.
  • Scroll towards the search bar.
  • Writhe “ YouTube Vanced APK Download or HD Streamz

download vanced apk

  • Click on the first website.


  • Move to the download package button.
  • Go to the settings.
  • Enable the third-party application download or allow download from unknown sources.
  • Install the package and enjoy a premium video-watching experience.

What is a Vanced Manager?

Vanced Manager is the best app that overcomes the all tough procedures which are linked to installing YouTube Vanced. It works like a Magisk Manger which is designed to flash Magisk Su updates.

It can be said that with this app users can install MicroG, YT Music, and even official YouTube Vanced. That is why Vanced Manager APK provides enhanced and distinctive YouTube experiences for all Android users.

As far as the features of the official Vanced Manager are concerned, it offers easy user experiences, a smooth interface, easy updates, and more. So, download the latest Vanced Manager from our secure website and enjoy its features for free.

  • The Vanced Manager accomplished the entire set of applications. So, you can not only download but also install and reinstall apps like YouTube Vanced Music, and YouTube Vanced.
  • YouTube Music App and YouTube Vanced come through the Vanced Manager. After downloading and installing these two apps, you can enjoy the playback feature.
  • Another feature of this app is a Sponsor block that eliminates sponsoring from the videos. So you can overcome the annoying section of the YouTube videos.
  • Through this app, you can download and install different apps on your smartphone with comfort and ease. Furthermore,
  • there are no annoying ads and surely will face any issues at all.

What is a ReVanced Manager?

ReVanced Manager is a useful application, and you can download, install, and manage modded APKs and all Revanced apps. You can use it comfortably. Moreover, it is a reliable and safe app to access your desired apps.

  • It is easy to use due to its user-friendly interface.
  • Updates are performed automatically, which is why feel free to update ReVanced apps with bug fixes and new features.

What is the difference between ReVanced and YouTube Vanced?

YouTube ReVanced is an excellent alternative to Vanced. Therefore, Android users can watch ad-free YouTube videos on their smartphones.

It is correct to say that YouTube ReVanced is the best mod version of the official YouTube app, which comes with more additional controls and features that are not available in YouTube Vanced Manager.

What is the difference between Vanced Manger and ReVanced?

It is important to know that Vanced Manger is the original application of the famous mod version of YouTube APK. With this app, you will be able to install two mod versions of Google’s streaming platform.

The first one is YouTube Vanced.However, ReVanced or Blue Whatsapp APK offers different and additional features than Vanced Manager. ReVanced contains a team of professional developers who create mod versions of famous apps with customization choices.


  • Is YouTube Vanced Manager available on iPhone?

No, the YouTube vanced manager is not available on iPhone. It is a third-party application, and the Apple system does not allow third-party applications.

  • Is it safe to use the Vanced Manager?

Yes, it is safe to use the Vanced Manager. This video application does not require any kind of permission.

  • Is the vanced manager a free application?

Yes, Vanced Manager YouTube is a completely free application.

  • Can we block the sponsored content on YouTube Vanced Manager?

Yes, YouTube Vanced Manager has a special feature to block sponsored content. You can use this feature to skip the part of the video that has sponsored content.

Our Words

When we install any third-party application, the biggest fear is whether it is safe to use or not. The biggest perk of the YouTube Vanced APK is that it requires no permissions. Besides this, the application provides a premium YouTube experience that you should never skip. We would recommend you switch to the vanced manager now.